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Photographs of the best sunsets from our travels

If there is one thing we love to take photographs of when we travel, it’s the sunset. If we can get a good vantage point while on a city break or a great view from a beach, we will always do our best to take in the wonder and magic of the golden hour. So, let’s share some photographs of the best sunsets from our travels. This will be an ongoing, ‘updated as we go’ post.


As I am sure you are aware, if there is one thing the island of Santorini is famous for, it’s the amazing sunset over the caldera. Positioned just right, facing West, the sunset here is a thing of amazement. Silhouettes of the small volcanic islands in the foreground and that of Thirassia further back make it one of the best.

Our first taste of the sunset was as we descended into Santorini airport, from the window of our TUI flight from Manchester. We would have to wait until the next evening to experience it properly.

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During our trip over to Santorini, we took a ferry and spent the night over on the island of Ios. We had an incredible time here. Our hotel was situated right on Mylopotas beach, which meant we had the best position for the most magical sunset.


Another gorgeous beach, this time, Palm Beach, Aruba. Powder white sands, calm sea, and warm Caribbean trade-winds set the scene for this perfect view.

Photographs of the best sunsets from our travels, Aruba.
A beautiful sunset over the Caribbean Sea, Aruba.


Another absolutely stunning sunset, this time from Rhodes. We had the Aegean Sea in front of us, and the silhouette of Turkey in the background which made for some incredible photos. Sometimes, if the weather was right and there was no haze on the horizon, you could also make out the silhouettes of other Greek islands far off in the distance.


As we said earlier, this is a blog that we will update every time we have new photos. We will hunt the best sunsets down, and aim to take the best images for your enjoyment. Make sure you bookmark this post, or look out for updates via our social sites.

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A list of sunset activites themed to the places we have visited and photographed.

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