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Visiting the Christmas markets of Wrocław, Poland

During our trip to Poznań in 2022 for the festive markets, we also hopped on a Flixbus to Wrocław. Here is everything you need to know about visiting the Christmas markets of Wrocław. One of the best festive markets in Europe. With a bucket load of ideas for your festive, or non-festive trip!


Much like Poznań, they spread the Wrocław Christmas markets out across the city. Mainly centered on the town Market Square, around the old merchants’ houses and the old town hall, which is now the Museum of Bourgeois Art. You will also find many stalls just around the corner at Plac Solny.

We only had a few hours to explore, so we squeezed in as much as we possibly could. I think a second trip to Wrocław is on the cards, as there is still lots to see and do. Maybe during the warmer months this time.

Visiting the Christmas markets of Wrocław, Poland.
Visiting the Christmas markets of Wrocław, Poland.


The market features dozens of stalls selling a variety of traditional Polish handicrafts, decorations, and gifts. Walk through the market and enjoy looking for (and buying) unique souvenirs and Christmas presents. We had a great time picking up a selection of presents, mainly for ourselves, of course.


One of the best things about the Christmas market is the chance to sample lots of delicious Polish treats. From grilled sausages and mulled wine to pierogi and gingerbread cookies, there is something to satisfy every appetite. We ate our way around several stalls and drank lots of delicious mulled wine (Grzane Wino).

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The Wrocław Christmas market is full of beautiful decorations, including twinkling lights, festive ornaments, and an amazing towering Christmas tree.

You will find various performances and activities taking place, keeping you entertained while you explore. There are carol singers and live music, theatrical performances and dance shows.


This is a trip you could take at anytime, not just during the festive season. We had so much fun visiting both markets at Christmas.

To catch a Flixbus from Wrocław to Poznań (or vice versa), you will need to follow a few simple steps. First, visit the Flixbus website or download their mobile app to search for bus routes and schedules. Find a suitable departure time, then purchase your ticket using a credit or debit card.

On the day of your departure, arrive at the designated bus stop at least 15 minutes before your departure time. The bus stop in Wrocław is underneath the Wroclavia Shopping Centre, Dworzec Autobusowy. Before you hop on the bus, you will need to show your ticket and a valid form of identification.

The journey from Wrocław to Poznań takes around three hours, depending on traffic. Click the link below to find your ticket.

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The Church of Saint Mary Magdelene is one of the oldest churches in the city and they built it during the 13th century.


The Bridge of Penitents sits high above the Cathedral of Saint Mary Magdelene, between its two towers. Climb the stairs to the very top and you will be rewarded with incredible views across the city. Here you will also find the bronze statue of the witch and the cat.

According to legend, you could see the ghosts and tormented souls of women who preferred to party and flirt with the local men instead of keeping their own house in order, they were forced to walk barefoot across the gap. They used the bridge in medieval times to identify local witches.

Women who were accused of witchcraft would be made to walk the bridge without a handrail. The ones who lost balance and fell to their deaths would receive a pardon. The women who made it across would be deemed witches, they were then burned at the stake. I guess a lose-lose situation!


Known locally as Jaś and Małgosia, a tiny arch joins the Hansel and Gretel houses. This looks like they are holding hands. The two buildings form part of what used to surround the cemetery of Saint Elizabeth. Here you can find a handful of the bronze gnomes, including Krasnal WrocLovek, and it is a cute little photo opportunity.

The Hansel and Gretel house live in the shadow of the Church of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.
The Hansel and Gretel house live in the shadow of the Church of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.


The Museum of Bourgeois Art in Wrocław resides in what used to be the Old Town Hall. It holds a collection of local handicrafts, paintings and other artworks important to the city. Tickets to visit cost around 20zł.


Searching for the Gnomes of Wrocław has always been something we wanted to do after seeing them on a travel TV show. We didn’t expect to see so many, so quickly after arriving. This is a fun activity and will definitely keep you busy.


Like many Polish towns and cities up and down the country, Wrocław is home to many stunning, brightly coloured, medieval, gothic and modern picturesque buildings. Here is a selection we photographed during our day here.


If you are looking for somewhere to eat while in Wrocław, and want some traditional grub, look no further than Pierogarnia Rynek 26 for some amazing dumplings. The restaurant overlooks the town square and has many flavours and styles of dumplings to choose from.

I opted for the oven-baked version, full of roasted duck, red cabbage, sage, rosemary and pearl barley. They were absolutely delicious. While Vicky chose a traditional wet dumpling, stuffed with pork neck, carrots and fried onion, also super tasty. Rynek 26 also serve soups, traditional meat dishes, potato pancakes and desserts. Address: Rynek 26, 50-101.


Visit this fab little bakery for some tasty doughnuts, Gorąca Pączkarnia, one of the best places in Wrocław to get your fix of Pączki! Address: Oławska 4/1b, 50-123.

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For more ideas and inspiration for your trip to Wrocław, visitWrocław.eu.

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