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The ultimate guide to finding the Gnomes of Wrocław, Poland

Wrocław, a beautiful city in Poland, has gained a reputation for its amazing culture and history. One of the unique things about this city is its association with gnomes, or in Polish, Krasnale (Krasnal). This is our ultimate guide to finding the gnomes of Wrocław.

In 2001, creators placed the first gnome, or dwarf statue, Krasnale Papa, in Wrocław. Since then, the city has gained fame for scattering small bronze figures everywhere. These gnomes are symbols of the city and have fast become a feature of Wrocław’s unique character.


This blog will feature 28 of the little buggers we managed to spot during our trip to the Christmas market back in December 2022. In total, though, we managed to find a good sixty, and we weren’t even trying.

According to the latest numbers, there are approximately 700 gnomes, and they have an annual parade in the Autumn to celebrate them.

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The ultimate guide to finding the Gnomes of Wrocław, Poland.
Tourist and Krasnal information available and this shop.

There are several tourist information shops like the one above that sell all kinds of gnome related gifts, including maps of where to find them. Sukiennice 12, 50-107.

There are city tours, walking tours and even mobile apps that can help you spot them. You can find them in various locations, including parks, squares, buildings, up lampposts, and even on walls. Some are easy to spot, while others require a bit of searching.

The ultimate guide to finding the Gnomes of Wrocław, Poland.
Pomagajek sits on the window ledge of the tourist information center above.


The origin of the gnomes date back to the 1980s when the Orange Alternative movement started. This was a peaceful resistance group that used humor to challenge the communist authorities of Poland. Party members dressed up as gnomes and painted them all over government propaganda. They quickly became the mascot of the movement, and they used them to spread their message of peace and freedom. Today, they represent the same ideas, and they attract many tourists from all over the world who visit Wrocław to find as many of them as they can during thier stay.

The ultimate guide to finding the Gnomes of Wrocław.
The ultimate guide to finding the Gnomes of Wrocław. Papa Krasnale.


The gnomes are unique in their character and appearance. They are cute, friendly, and have a quirky personality that portrays the spirit of the city. Each statue is different and tells its own story. The gnomes have different clothes, jobs, and even moods. Some of them hold musical instruments, some have small animals, while others are working in a library or restaurant. Every year, they add new ones to the streets of Wrocław.

Krasnal WroClovek, a symbol of Wrocław and a romantic figure, frequently winks at women as they walk by. He loves the city of Wrocław and the people who live there and visit. Locals often dress him up and surround him with flowers. You can find him, arms raised, ready for a hug between the Hansel and Gretel houses.

Polisludek sits happily on a bench on Świdnicka and sells insurance policies to passersby.

They installed the suffragette back in 2018 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the women’s right to vote in Poland. She is located on ul. Świdnicka.

Krasnal Chrapek 'The Sleepy One' , Wrocław.
Krasnal Chrapek ‘The Sleepy One’ You can find him outside Hotel Patio, Kiełbaśnicza.


Among the little men dotted all over the city, you will also find several female gnomes. Going clockwise and in brackets where to find them, Krasnala Glamour (Kazimierza Wielkiego), Krasnala Księgarka (Oławska 18), Krasnala Lady Wolność (Rynek 58) and Krasnala Wojowniczka (Rynek 7).


One of the most popular gnomes in Wrocław is the “Invisible Gnome,” which is not an actual statue, but a symbol of the city’s creativity and sense of humor. Another famous one is the “Firefighter” Krasnale Pożarki, it holds a hose in its hand and represents the bravery of the city’s firefighters. You can see where people have rubbed their helmets for luck.

You can find this behind the Hansel and Gretel house, Świętego Mikołaja 1, 50-125.

The ultimate guide to finding the Gnomes of Wrocław, Poland.
Krasnale Pożarki, The Firefighter.
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Krasnale Syzyfki, The Sisyphus Gnomes, Wrocław.
Krasnale Syzyfki, The Sisyphus Gnomes.

You can find these two hard working gnomes, at Świdnicka 1. They are one of the most popular in the town, placed here in 2005. Both gnomes are trying to move one of the heavy granite balls up and down the street. While one gnome is trying to push it up, the other is trying to roll it down. They have been stuck like this ever since!

Krasnale Ogorzałek i Opiłek, the Hoocher and the Toaster, Wrocław.
Krasnale Ogorzałek i Opiłek.

You can find the ‘Hoocher’ and the ‘Toaster’ pouring out alcohol on Świętego Mikołaja 81.


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Krasnal Lionek.
Krasnal Lionek, funded by the Lions Club charitable organisation, found in the Cloth Hall.

Bartonik the gnome, eats ice-cream on the window outside Lodziarnia Barton’s ice-cream parlour, Sukiennice 3/4, and these two chaps are exchanging bags of money outside the GANT currency exchange, Oławska 5, 50-123.

This group of gnomes are fans of the Śląsk Wrocław football club.
This group of gnomes are fans of the Śląsk Wrocław football club.


A small gallery of nine more gnomes encountered on our trip. We don’t want to spoil it too much as to where to find them, so we will leave these for you to discover!

For more info on the Gnomes, go to visitWroclaw.eu.

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